The Department of Mathematics highly values publications in prestigious peer-reviewed journals as well as a wider variety of journals given the diversity of the Department of Mathematics program offerings.

Conducting scholarship activities and research are crucial performance measurements for tenure, promotion, and post-­tenure for every faculty.

Scholarly activities section of the tenure, promotion and post-tenure portfolio (not to exceed 3 inched in thickness) may include item such as active membership in professional organizations, attendance at professional meetings, papers submitted and/or accepted for publication in scholarly journals, performances and exhibits, presentation of scholarly work at professional meetings; grant writing and external research and/or educational funds awarded, pedagogical scholarship models, service on journal review boards and/or research related committees of one’s own discipline or professional associations, national recognition by peers, and/or significant contributions that expand knowledge in the discipline.

Each faculty member is required to maintain a coherent ongoing research agenda- and to try to show capability of initiating or structuring projects.

All faculty members in the Department of Mathematics are strongly encouraged to conduct research and publish in peer-reviewed journals, write books and/or book chapters.

Faculty promotion and tenure committee is formed by election in the first fall departmental meeting. It should be consist of at least three (3) elected members. Members of the faculty tenure and promotion committee must be elected from among the tenured faculty members. For promotion from associate professor to professor, members of the committee must be in the rank of professor. If this is not possible in the department, professor faculty members from other departments in the university must be included to complete the formation of the committee.

As a matter of policy, the Department of Mathematics accepts only papers in refereed journals and books or book chapters published by academic publishing companies for tenure purposes.

Generally, the standard for how many is enough publication to meet the research criterion changes across time and occasionally varies according to policies of the universities. Therefore, the Department of Mathematics’ tenure committee and Department Head each make that determination unless a College and/or university instructive is to comply with.