Purpose and Goals

The Department of Mathematics provides quality instruction, research and outreach programs in mathematics that produce independent learners equipped with problem solving and decision-making techniques necessary to meet the challenges of their chosen careers and function in the mainstream of the communities in which they live. The department provides comprehensive educational opportunities and advancements to enrich the life of the students.

The department will build a solid foundation of growth, skills and knowledge of mathematics.  Our passion for educating tomorrow’s leaders is supported by our desire to provide a seamless education experience.

The Department of Mathematics trains competent prospective mathematicians, engineers, scientists, mathematics teachers, and other mathematics based and/or related professionals with the knowledge-base necessary to perform successfully in graduate and professional schools as well as the workforce. Undergraduate and graduate programs promote student use of innovation and entrepreneurship in their research endeavors


To reach its mission, purpose and goals, the Department of Mathematics offers an innovative and comprehensive undergraduate  BS degree program in mathematics.  The curricula are rigorous and demanding, but flexible enough to allow students to sample several disciplines or to focus on a special interest within the major area.  Mathematics’ majors may select from one of four undergraduate emphasis options based on available courses offered:

  Undergraduate Program Emphasis:

Extensive individualize attention to a thoughtfully detailed curriculum sets our mathematics’ programs above others.   Students are encouraged to be creative in putting together a course of study that will lead to the fulfillment of individual and professional goals.  Students will emerge with the expertise to pursuit a career in academia or use their talents in government and industry.  Faculty advisors assist each student on a continual basis to ensure proper course selection relative to career and degree goals.


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