Room Request Form

Library Room Usage Rules 

  • Check in with the Circulation Desk when you arrive.
  • Maximum occupancy limit on rooms
    Public Events Room 108 – 100 people
    Library Conference Room 508 – 30 people
  • Room 108 can only be booked for the current semester only.
  • Schedule the room with plenty of time for your event.  
  • The room is to be left the way you found it. If you move tables and chairs, put them back the way you found it.
  • Cancellations – Please call (936) 261-1519 or 1542 to cancel the room reservation.
  • A request form is required for each single room request – Do not combine multiple time and dates on one request.
  • No food/beverages are to be consumed in room 108 / 109 without prior approval.
  • State law prohibits smoking in the library building.
  • No Candles and Incense (open flame devices): In conjunction with fire safety regulations.
  • Money cannot change hands – meaning nothing can be sold in the room nor charging a fee to attend.
  • Maximum seating for Room 108 is 72
  • Room 108 is available to PVAMU faculty and staff.
  • Room 508 Available Monday thru Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm  Not available on Saturdays nor Sundays
  • Officially recognized student organizations may schedule the room through their sponsors.
  • The room must be left in order – trash should be removed or left in trash containers, including any food, utensils, or catering items.
  • The Library is unable to provide additional tables, chairs, telephones, fax machines, or rearrangement of the room.
  • The room is to be left  in the condition as found. Return the furniture (chairs and tables) as found. If you move chairs and tables, put them back as you found them.

 Please check availability of rooms before making a request

Room 108 – Main Events Room

Room 508 – Conference Room