Periodical Collection Policies

The Periodicals/Microforms Room is located on the first floor, through the Reference Dept.; phone (936) 261-1541 or x 1541 on campus for information. Periodicals do not circulate but may be copied for $.10/page; copiers for both print and microforms are available in this room. A variety of materials are housed in this room, including:

NEWSPAPERS: The Library subscribes to a small number of daily and weekly newspapers. Current issues of the Houston Chronicle and Wall Street Journal are held at the Periodicals Information Desk; other titles are on the open newspaper racks. Back issues of some of these papers are on microfilm in this room. Researchers might also want to search the Newsbank newspaper database in the Reference Dept.

JOURNALS: The Library subscribes to journals and magazines in a variety of fields. Issues for current years are on the open shelves, arranged alphabetically by title. Back issues may be found on microfiche, on microfilm or bound and shelved with the circulating book collection. All journal titles are listed in the online catalog, which also directs the patron to the location of each volume.

AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION AND EXTENSION DOCUMENTS: Periodicals houses a large collection of agricultural extension station documents from throughout the U.S., foreign countries and international agencies.

ERIC DOCUMENTS ON MICROFICHE: This large (500,000+ documents) collection consists of conference proceedings, reports, studies, books, articles, and other print information in the field of education. Patrons must first run an ERIC search before using this microfiche collection.

LIBRARY OF AMERICAN CIVILIZATION and LIBRARY OF ENGLISH LITERATURE COLLECTIONS: Two large collections, listed by specific title in the Library catalog, provide microfiche copies of original writings in U.S. history and British literature, all prior to the twentieth century.