• My mobile device is connected to PVAMU-GUEST. Do I have access to the Library electronic resources?
    No – You need to be connected to PVmobilenet.
  • Which wifi account do I log into for my personal mobile device to access Library electronic Resources?
    PVmobilenet. Call the Library Reference Desk at (936) 261-1535, askalibrarian@pvamu.edu, or PVAMU Help Desk (936) 261-2525 – Toll free (877) 241-1752 for the password.
  • I seem to be able to access everything except one particular Journal.
    This is likely an issue with the journal itself. Please report the problem – Be sure to include the date and article title. In a few databases, the Library had not purchased access to 100% of all content. In this case, order the article through Interlibrary Loan which is free to PVAMU students.
  • I am a student and can’t access library databases with my PVAMU ID and password.
    Your access may have expired. Call PVAMU Help Desk (936) 261-2525 – Toll free (877) 241-1752 for them to investigate.
  • I tried to use Checkpoint just now and was rejected with a message that the subscription was not activated, I was able to use it last semester.
    For Checkpoint – you need to create a new ID/password each semester.
  • Why do I need to create an account for certain databases?
    Once you create your own account, you can save searches and manage your past searches. Everything you search in your account is private.
  • The screen is different than the one on main campus. Why is that?
    The browser you are using may be a different version. Try using a different browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
  • I am having trouble accessing content through Academic Search Complete or another full text database.
    If you have the citation for the article you need, try searching for the journal directly through the Library’s Find a eJournal page. You may be able to access it directly from the publisher or from another full-text database.
  • I’m using Internet Explorer as my browser and I can’t access certain databases.
    Unfortunately, some databases do not work properly with Internet Explorer. You can try using another browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.
  • The Library has the journal I want, but I can’t find the specific article that I’m looking for.
    When you are looking at links to the journal on the Find a Journal Page, make sure to note the coverage dates for the journal. The database you were using may not cover the date of the articles you are looking for.  Try accessing your content through another database. You may also be able to find your article in print form using the library catalog.
  • Help! I am having trouble finding resources for my paper or project.
    If you need reference or research help – please contact us by askalibrarian@pvamu.edu or call the reference desk at (936) 261-1535.

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