Circulation Dept.

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Circulation Department
Mission Statement

The mission of the John B. Coleman Library Circulation Department includes making it easy for library patrons to find the materials they need in the stacks and behind the Circulation Front Desk in a timely manner. Toward that end, books and other items are constantly shelved within 24 hours of their use, stacks are maintained, and are steadily monitored to insure that all items are in correct Library of Congress shelf order at all times.

Furthermore, the mission of the Circulation Department is to provide optimal levels of all Circulation functions, including those dealing with the Interlibrary Loan (ILL), ILLiad Department’s lending and borrowing activities, the Learning Resource Center’s (LRC) activities associated with video tapes, cassette tapes, Cd’s, DVDs, TVs, Nomads, and other audio/visual items, equipment, and the Teacher Reserves, ERES Department’s activities dealing with materials processing, both online and off, as well as the Circulation Departments other duties, such as the processing of TexShare and Community Cards.

Serving the library user, our patrons, and good customer service is our focus, and these patrons primarily include the faculty, staff, and students of Prairie View A&M University, as well as the residents of the surrounding community.

Nelson Mandela Books Available on Reserve at the Library


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Shirley Tatum, M.L.S.
Circulation Head
(936) 261-1503

Cedric Ervin
Library Assistant II
 (936) 261-1527

Rosetta Combs
Library Assistant I
(936) 261-1527

Susan Streety, B.S.
Library Assistant I
(936) 261-1542

Neal Bostwick, B.S.
Library Assistant I
(936) 261-1542

Sandra Banks, B.A., M.A., M. Ed., M.S.
Library Assistant I
(936) 261-1542

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