PV Mobile Net

You will no longer have to manually register your mobile devises (cell phone, iPad etc.), Safe Connect policy key software will start automatically the first time that you connect to the Internet. Please select PVmobilenet from the list of Networks, enter the PVAMU wireless password and login with your PantherNetID username and password. If you don’t know the password call the ITS Computer Service Center at 936-261 9330.

To connect a cell phone or tablet to the PVAMU Wireless Network:

Tap the Settings app icon

  1. Tap the Wi-Fi button in the left pane
  2. Set the Wi-Fi switch to On
  3. Select PVMobileNet
  4. Enter the security password. The security password can be obtained by calling the ITS Computer Service Center at 936-261- 9330 or   going to S.R. Collins Rm. 106.
  5. Tap  Join.

To Access your PVAMU email from your mobile phone:

  1. Change your current email password by visiting the https://mypassword.pvamu.edu/  (DO NOT MISS THIS STEP)
  2. On your mobile phone choose add a new email account
  3. Choose the email service provider as Gmail (Note: For IOS 8.1.3 and higher, choose “other” under add account option and use imap.gmail.com as host name for incoming email and smtp.gmail.com for outgoing hostname)
  4. Input your student email address  EXAMPLE: jtest@student.pvamu.edu
  5. Input  your newly changed password from  Step 1
  6. Follow the instructions on your mobile phone. Depending on your mobile phone you may have to sync your email.

Mobile Phone Email FAQ

  1. My account username is not working

Make sure you are entering correct credentials. It should be yourusername@student.pvamu.edu (Note: It is @student.pvamu.edu not @pvamu.edu)

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