Internet Use Procedures & Policies


Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) provides its users with Internet access and electronic communications services as required for the performance and fulfillment of job responsibilities.

Users must understand that this access is for the purpose of enhancing education and/or increasing productivity and not for non-University activities. Users must also understand that any connection to the Internet offers an opportunity for non-authorized users to view or access University information. Therefore, it is important that all connections be secure, controlled, and monitored.

To this end, users at PVAMU should have no expectation of privacy while using University-owned or University-leased equipment. Information passing through or stored on University equipment can and will be monitored. Users should also understand that PVAMU maintains the right to monitor and review Internet use and e-mail communications sent or received by users as necessary.

Permitted Use

  • The Internet connection and e-mail system of PVAMU is primarily for University use. Occasional and reasonable personal use is permitted, provided that this does not interfere with the performance of work duties and responsibilities.
  • Users may use PVAMU Internet services for personal improvement, outside of scheduled hours of work, provided that such use is consistent with professional conduct and is not for personal financial gain.
  • Users may send and receive e-mail attachments that do not exceed 2 MB in size, provided that all attachments are scanned before they are opened by PVAMU’s chosen antivirus software (McAfee Virus Scan).
  • Users must observe professional, ethical guidelines and any University procedures and guidelines; federal or state applicable laws when sending and/or receiving messages for University or non-University purposes.

Prohibited Use

  • Users shall not use PVAMU Internet or e-mail services to view, download, save, receive, or send material related to or including:
  • Offensive content of any kind, including pornographic material.
  • Promoting discrimination on the basis of race, gender, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, or disability.
  • Threatening or violent behavior.
  • Illegal activities.
  • Commercial messages.
  • Messages of a religious, political, or racial nature.
  • Gambling of any form or type.
  • Personal financial gain.
  • Forwarding e-mail chain letters
  • Spamming e-mail accounts from PVAMU e-mail services or University machines
  • Material protected under copyright laws – includes many MP3 music and movie (DVD and other) entertainment files
  • Sending University-sensitive information by e-mail or over the Internet.
  • Dispersing confidential University data to PVAMU students, employees, business associates or anyone outside  the University without authorization.
  • Opening files received from the Internet without performing a virus scan.
  • Tampering with your University handle in order to misrepresent yourself and the University to others.


  • PVAMU users are responsible for:
  • Honoring acceptable use policies of networks accessed through PVAMU Internet and e-mail services.
  • Abiding by existing federal, state, and local telecommunications and networking laws and regulations.
  • Following copyright laws regarding protected commercial software or intellectual property.
  • Minimizing unnecessary network traffic that may interfere with the ability of others to make effective use of PVAMU’s network resources.
  • Using logical, professional, ethical, University policy and other applicable laws, guidelines and procedures to maintain the security of sensitive information.


Violations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If it is determined that a user has violated one or more of the above use regulations, that user will may receive a University initiated reprimand and his or her future use may be closely monitored. If a gross violation has occurred, IT management in conjunction with Human Resources will take immediate action. Such action may result in losing Internet and/or e-mail privileges, severe reprimand, or termination of employment or student registration at PVAMU.