PantherTracks FAQ

Prairie View A&M University student id to the Office of the Registrar.   Students are required to change their pin and keep it confidential.

Can I change my PIN? How?

  PIN numbers will not be released over the phone









What is PantherTracks?




PantherTracks or WFS (Web for Students) is integrated into the Student Information System. The Web for Students software gives students access to their records and provides academic services over the World Wide Web (Internet). or then within the banner, click on “Online Services” followed by clicking on “PantherTracks” within the box.




What can I do in PantherTracks?




  • Change your PIN   (Personal Identification Number)   Initially the PIN is your date of birth (mmddyy)
  • Register for Courses
  • View your grades
  • View holds that have been placed on your records, and who to see about clearing the holds
  • View your institutional credit hours
  • View your transfer credit hours
  • View your class schedule
  • View a summary of your student account (bill)
  • View and update your addresses



Who can register via PantherTracks?




Continuing undergraduate students




Who have met TASP and/or basic skills requirements?







Who have a degree plan and have been advised.







Not on probation or suspension.




Continuing graduate students




Who have a degree plan and have been advised.




Not on probation or suspension






What browser should I use?




Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 (or later)
Netscape navigator 4.7(or later)

These are JAVA enabled web browsers.




Are there any special preferences or internet options?




“Cookies” must be enabled on your browser.




To enable cookies in internet explorer: tools | internet options… | security |internet | custom level… | cookies | allow cookies that are stored on your computer | enable.




To enable cookies in Netscape: edit | preferences… | advanced | accept all cookies




When is PantherTracks available to use?




Student records are not stored on any server. The student records are on the University’s mainframe computer. Hours of Operation



7:00 AM – 11:00 PM, Daily – University’s “Web for Students” server is available.




What is a “SID” or “Student ID Number”?




At Prairie View the SID or Student ID Number is usually your Social Security Number. Foreign students and special case students are assigned a sequential number outside the valid Social Security Number range.




What is a “PIN” and how do I get one?




A PIN (personal identification number) is a six-digit number that serves as your password to your PantherTracks accounts. Initially your pin number is your 6-digit date of birth in the form of mmddyy (month-day-year).





Go to PantherTracks home page at http://panthertracks.pvamu.eduLog in with your student id and pin.
Navigate to registration / student information
Click on change pin and follow the instructions.
After you have changed your pin, you will be required to login again.


In person:




Bring your




What if I forget my pin?




PIN numbers will not be released over the phone




Your pin is considered extremely confidential information, and the university will not release it. While the procedures below may seem inconvenient, they are followed for your protection.




In Person:




Bring your

Prairie View A&M University student id to the Office of Registrar.



If you enter a wrong pin too many times in one day, you will be locked out until the next day; this is to prevent someone from trying to guess your pin.




What is a “call number”?




Web registration uses five-digit call number to identify available Course IDs. Both the Course ID and call number are provided in the on-line catalog and the printed catalog.




Every course has its own unique call number. Call numbers are generated by the system and are unique within each term.




Before you register, you’ll need to know the call numbers for the classes you want to register for.




How secure is my information on PantherTracks?




Information is encrypted before it is transmitted over the Internet.
A valid SID and PIN must be provided before access to any information is allowed.




What can I do to protect my records?




Do not reveal your PIN to anyone.
Always, log off from PantherTracks.




Remember when you last logged on. The PIN verification screen shows the date your records were last accessed via Web for Students. If you didn’t logon then maybe it is time to change your password.




What if the information shown in my student records is incorrect?




Contact the Office of the Registrar




By phone:




(936) 261-1000 number 2




In person:




Room 110, Evans Hall




By Mail :




P.O. Box 3089 –


View,TX 77446-3089


Prairie View, TX 77446-3089




Where should I call with Concerns, Questions, and Issues?




Call Helpdesk@936-857-2525. Helpdesk hours of Operation 24*7.