PantherPrint FAQ’s

What is PantherPrint?

The Student Computing Center (SCC) is excited to introduce PantherPrint using uniFLOW by Canon as PVAMU’s new Student Printing Solution.  Students now have access to multi-function devices (MFD) that will allow you to print, copy and scan documents (B&W/Color).  Using uniFLOW, all PVAMU students can print to PantherPrint, then login at any Canon printer in any SCC lab to collect your print job.

What is the cost to use PantherPrint?

Printing services are $.15 per page for Black and White prints and copies and $.50 per page for Color prints and copies.  There is no charge to scan documents.

What is the Student Printing Quota?

Each student will have $120.00 placed on his/her printing account at the beginning of each semester.  This balance will allow for 800 B/W print jobs, 240 Color print jobs or any combination of both.

How do students print to PantherPrint?

From any pc in any SCC Lab,

  1. Go to file then print [or Ctrl+p].
  3. Select number of copies and other print options
  4. Print

How do students retrieve print jobs from PantherPrint printers?

PantherPrint will not print your job(s) or charge your account until you physically go to the printer and release your prints.

To release your prints

  1. Go to any PantherPrint device in any SCC Lab and login to the device by swiping your PVAMU Panther Card (or by typing your PVAMU Active Directory Credentials).
  2. Select printjob that has been sent to PantherPrint
  3. Print

How do students copy documents using PantherPrint?

  1. Swipe card or log into printer
  2. Push the button on the upper left corner labeled MAIN MENU
  3. Select the option labeled COPY
  4. Place document in document feeder
  5. Select the desired options and the number of copies
  6. Select START

How do students scan documents using PantherPrint?

  1. Swipe card or log into printer
  2. Push the button on the upper left corner labeled MAIN MENU
  3. Select the option labeled SCAN AND SEND
  4. Place document in the document feeder
  5. Select SEND TO MYSELF (to send document to PVAMU Student Email) or
  6. Select SPECIFY DESTINATION (to enter email destination)
  7. Select START

Where are PantherPrint printers located?

JB Coleman Library

SCC Lab Rm210 A

  • 1 Color Printer
  • 3 B/W Printers

Student Academic Success Lab

  • 1 B/W Printer

Memorial Student Center

SCC Lab Rm120

  • 1 Color Printer

Farrell Hall

SCC Lab Rm110

  • 1 Color Printer

College of Nursing

SCC Lab Rm942

  • 1 Color Printer
  • 1 B/W Printer

SCC Lab Rm928

  • 1 B/W Printer

Northwest Center

SCC Lab Rm118

  • 1 Color Printer

SCC Lab Rm117

  • 1 B/W Printer

Does the printing quota apply to all computer labs on campus?

PantherPrint Print Quota is active in all Student Computing Center (SCC) Labs: J.B. Coleman Library; Memorial Student Center (MSC); Farrell Hall; the College of Nursing (Houston Medical Center area) and Northwest Campus. These are general computing labs and open to all currently registered PVAMU students.

How do I check my printing balance?

When each student logs into the PantherPrint printer, the printer balance will be displayed on the Home Screen.

Students can also go to the PantherPrint Client Web Interface page to check printer balance.

  1. Go to
  2. Click logon and enter PVAMU Logon credentials
  3. Click on the Budget button to view balance

How do I increase my printing quota?

Print Quotas can be increased by purchasing additional Printing Units at the rate of $15.00 for each Printing Unit. (1 Printing Unit will allow for 100 black & white print jobs) Printing Units can be purchased by calling the Cashiers Office at 936-261-1895 or in person at the Cashiers Office in W.R. Banks Building Room 124. Take your receipt to the desk of any SCC Computer Lab.  Your printing quota will be increased within 24 hours.  Any additional printing credit that you purchase is valid only through the end of the current semester. Printing credit cannot be transferred or carried over to the next semester.

What happens to my printing balance at the end of the semester?

All printing balances left at the end of the semester are erased when the quotas are reset for the next semester. Quotas will be reset by ITS the first day of each semester. Printing balances may not be transferred or carried over to the next semester.

What do I do if I have a problem printing and I am charged for it?

You are responsible for your print jobs.  You are not charged for your print jobs until they are released at the printer.

What if student has problem with ID Card?

The PVAMU Panther Card is the official Identification Card for PVAMU Students, Faculty and Staff.  It is an important part of campus life here at Prairie View A&M University. If you do not have a Panther Card please contact Auxiliary services.