Meet Me Conference Service for IP phones

‘Meet Me’ Conference Call Details

This feature can only be initiated from an IP phone. It can handle up to 12 callers.  (IP phones, campus phones and off-campus).The initial conference call must be established by an IP phone.  Once a 2nd call has joined the conference, the IP phone can leave the conference without disrupting the conference call.

To use the Meet Me conference call feature, you will need to reserve a Conference Extension Number.

To reserve a Conference Number Extension, contact ITS at 936- 261-2216 at least 24 hours prior to your conference call. There is NO CHARGE for this service, but you must reserve a Conference Extension Number.

How to Start A Conference Call (Meet Me)

  • Press New Call
  • Press more
  • Press MeetMe

Dial the Conference Number Extension (given to you by ITS, see information above). You will hear a dial tone and be joined to the conference. You will need to instruct off campus callers to dial 936-261- (Conference Number Extension). On campus callers will only need to dial the Conference Number Extension

Note: The person who is initiating the conference call from an IP phone, should establish the call 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time.  No one can join the conference call if it is not established by the IP phone first. Once the call has been established, anyone can drop out of the conference or join the conference without disrupting the call.