E-Mail Services

Accessing E-mail via the world wide web

  • Accessing Faculty Web E-Mail Accessing Student Wed E-Mail
  • Accessing E-mail via a desktop client (i.e., MS Outlook)

Reporting email technical problems

E-mail tutorial and tips (Quick Help Documents)
Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I block a list – add/remove email addresses
  • How do I create IMAP folders
  • How do I create a shortcut to the inbox of your email account
  • How do I create a signature for messages
  • How do I setup new email account (Outlook Express)
  • How do I setup shortcuts
  • How do I move, copy, rename or delete a folder
  • How do I report an e-mail technical problem?
  • How do I report a spam/abuse/junk mail problem?

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