Undergraduate Course Listing

Course Syllabi and Faculty CV

Summer 2019 last updated 7/18/2019 at 3:30 p.m.


Course Course Title Instructor Text Book
ACCT 2113-P01 Financial Accounting Susan Minton Book
ACCT 2123-P01 Managerial Accounting Susan Minton Book
AGHR 1303-PB1 Land Grant and Glob Food Secur Wash Jones Book
AGRO 3713-P01 Gen Entomology Richard Griffin Book
ANSC 2543-P01 Diseases and Sanitation Negusse Kidane Book
ANSC 3523-P01 Meat Science Milton Daley Book
ARCH 1233-P81 Visual Communications John Okello Book
ARCH 1233-P82 Visual Communications Tareef Khan Book
ARCH 1253-P81 Architecture Design John Okello Book
ARCH 1253-P82 Architecture Design Tareef Khan Book
ARCH 1266-P81 Arch Design II John Okello Book
ARCH 1266-P82 Arch Design II Tareef Khan Book
ARCH 2223-P01 Computer Aided Dsgn Abel Simie Book
ARCH 4443-P01 Cad Const Docs Bruce Bockhorn Book
ARCH 4973-P81 Spec Topics In Arch William Batson Book
ARCH 4986-P81 Special Projects William Price Book
ARCH 4986-P82 Special Projects Rania Labib Book
ARTS 1203-P01 Introduction to Visual Arts Clarence Talley Book
ARTS 1203-P02 Introduction to Visual Arts Tracey Moore Book
ARTS 2283-P01 African American Art Clarence Talley Book
ARTS 2283-P03 African American Art Tracey Moore Book
ARTS 2283-PB1 African American Art Ann Johnson Book
ARTS 2283-PB2 African American Art Ann Johnson Book
BCOM 3303-P01 Business Communication Reginald Bell Book
BIOL 1015-P01 Gen Biology George Brown Book
BIOL 1025-P01 Gen Biology George Brown Book
BIOL 1054-P02 Anatomy and Physiology I Harriette Howard-Lee-Block Book
BIOL 1064-P01 Anatomy and Physiology II Cleveland Lane Book
BIOL 1064-P02 Anatomy and Physiology II Yassin Elhassan Book
BIOL 1073-P01 Gen Micro Kimberly Greer Book
BIOL 1111-P01 Coll Biology Lab Charcacia Sanders Book
BIOL 1113-Z01 College Biology I Tia Villeral Book
BIOL 1123-Z01 College Biology II Tia Villeral Book
BIOL 3014-P01 Phys-Anatomy Cleveland Lane Book
BIOL 3034-P01 Microbiology Victoria Mgbemena Book
BIOL 4012-P01 Med Terminology Charcacia Sanders Book
BIOL 4034-P01 Practicum Charcacia Sanders Book
BIOL 4051-P01 Research George Brown Book
BIOL 4061-P01 Research George Brown Book
CHEG 2003-P01 Eco Anal Technical Application Safwat Shakir Book
CHEG 2156-P01 Chem Engineering Internship I Michael Gyamerah Book
CHEG 3023-P01 Unit Operations Merlyn Pulikkathara Book
CHEG 3043-P01 Separation Processes Lealon Martin Book
CHEG 3063-P01 Kinetics Reactr Dsgn Merlyn Pulikkathara Book
CHEG 3156-P01 CHEG Internship II Michael Gyamerah Book
CHEM 1032-P50 General Chemistry Lab Tony Grady Book
CHEM 1033-P01 General Inorganic Chemistry Andrea Ashley-Oyewole Book
CHEM 1042-P50 General Chemistry Lab Leah Bush Book
CHEM 1043-P01 General Chemistry Leah Bush Book
CHEM 2032-P50 General Organic Chemistry Lab Bernard Wiredu Book
CHEM 2033-P01 Gen Org Chem Bernard Wiredu Book
CHEM 2042-P50 General Organic Chemistry Lab Nathaniel Soboyejo Book
CHEM 2043-P01 Gen Org Chem Nathaniel Soboyejo Book
CHEM 2043-P02 Gen Org Chem Bernard Wiredu Book
CHEM 4033-P01 Biochemistry Yingchun Li Book
CHEM 4042-P50 Bio Chemistry Laboratory Yingchun Li Book
CHEM 4051-P01 Research Andrea Ashley-Oyewole Book
COMM 1003-B01 Fund of SPCH COMM Patrick Luster Book
COMM 1003-P02 Fund of SPCH COMM Lewis Smith Book
COMM 1003-P05 Fund of SPCH COMM Patrick Luster Book
COMM 1003-P07 Fund of SPCH COMM Kristi Johnson Book
COMM 1713-P01 Intro Mass Comm Tammy Holmes Book
COMM 2643-P01 Media Literacy Derek Blackwell Book
COMM 4703-P01 Professional Internship Lewis Smith Book
COMP 1003-PB3 Digital Communication Sharon Daniels Book
COMP 1003-PB4 Digital Communication Mary Kim Book
COMP 1003-PB5 Digital Communication Sharon Daniels Book
COMP 1003-PB6 Digital Communication Mary Kim Book
CONS 4403-P01 Construction Internship Bruce Bockhorn Book
CONS 4403-P02 Construction Internship Bruce Bockhorn Book
CRJS 1123-PB1 Crime In America Nabil Ouassini Book
CRJS 2423-P01 Criminal Invstgtion Camille Gibson Book
CRJS 2513-P02 Corrections Systems Nabil Ouassini Book
CRJS 4323-P01 CRJ Management Prn Robin Jackson Book
CRJS 4416-P01 UG Intern in Criminal Justice Myrna Cintron Book
CRJS 4923-P02 Criminology Robin Jackson Book
CVEG 2043-P01 Engr Mechanics I Abdul Choudhury Book
CVEG 2061-P81 Materials and Dynamics Lab Abdul Choudhury Book
CVEG 2063-P01 Mechanics of Materials Abdul Choudhury Book
CVEG 2454-P01 Statics & Dynamics Ethelbert Opara Book
CVEG 3051-P01 Professional Engineering I Emmanuel Nzewi Book
CVEG 3156-P01 CVEG Internship I Emmanuel Nzewi Book
CVEG 4156-P01 CVEG Internship II Emmanuel Nzewi Book
DANC 2022-P01 Fundamentals of Dance Sherry Harper Book
ECED 4113-P01 Inst Strategies Beverly Roberts Book
ECON 2003-P01 Fund of Econ in Global Society Modupe Ojumu Book
ECON 2113-P01 Principles of Microeconomics Gbolahan Osho Book
ECON 2123-P01 Prin Macroeconomics Oluwagbemiga Ojumu Book
ECON 3343-P02 Human Resources Gbolahan Osho Book
ELEG 1011-P01 Intro Engr Computer Sci & Tech Stephanie Burrs Book
ELEG 2023-P01 Network Theory I Justin Foreman Book
ELEG 3156-P01 Internship I Kelvin Kirby Book
ELEG 4073-P01 Servomechanism and Control Sys Kelvin Kirby Book
ELEG 4156-P01 Internship II Kelvin Kirby Book
ENGL 0111-B01 IRW Review Skills Tiffany Dorsey Book
ENGL 0111-B02 IRW Review Skills Holly Brown Book
ENGL 0111-B03 IRW Review Skills Renwick Webster Book
ENGL 0111-B04 IRW Review Skills Vonda Oliver Book
ENGL 0111-B08 IRW Review Skills Kalandra Matthews-Rankins Book
ENGL 1123-B01 Freshman Comp I Chad Oliver Book
ENGL 1123-B04 Freshman Comp I Nadine Al-Azzawi Book
ENGL 1123-B05 Freshman Comp I Baomei Lin Book
ENGL 1123-B06 Freshman Comp I Dione Sibley Book
ENGL 1123-B07 Freshman Comp I Teta Banks Book
ENGL 1123-B09 Freshman Comp I Grady Johnson Book
ENGL 1123-B10 Freshman Comp I Marquette Dansby Book
ENGL 1123-B11 Freshman Comp I Dirk Taylor Book
ENGL 1123-B12 Freshman Comp I Baomei Lin Book
ENGL 1123-B14 Freshman Comp I Nadine Al-Azzawi Book
ENGL 1123-B15 Freshman Comp I Grady Johnson Book
ENGL 1123-B16 Freshman Comp I Beth Wade Book
ENGL 1123-B17 Freshman Comp I Dirk Taylor Book
ENGL 1123-B18 Freshman Comp I Ayodeji Daramola Book
ENGL 1123-B21 Freshman Comp I Delinda Marzette Stuckey Book
ENGL 1123-B22 Freshman Comp I Richard Schmitt Book
ENGL 1123-B23 Freshman Comp I Ashlee Daniels Book
ENGL 1123-B24 Freshman Comp I Marquette Dansby Book
ENGL 1123-P05 Freshman Comp I Theodore Giraud Book
ENGL 1123-P09 Freshman Comp I Tarius Roberts Book
ENGL 1123-P10 Freshman Comp I Keith Evans Book
ENGL 1133-P01 Freshman Comp II Ymitri Mathison Book
ENGL 1133-P02 Freshman Comp II Theodore Giraud Book
ENGL 1133-P04 Freshman Comp II Tarius Roberts Book
ENGL 1143-Z02 Technical Writing Keith Evans Book
ENTR 3023-P01 Diversity Entrepreneurship Rickie Baldwin Book
ENTR 4043-P01 New Venture Creation Rickie Baldwin Book
FINA 2103-P01 Personal Finance Audria Ford Book
FINA 2103-P02 Personal Finance Danny Harvey Book
FINA 2103-Z01 Personal Finance Sanzid Haq Book
FINA 3103-P01 Principles Of Finance Mohiuddin Khan Book
HDFM 2533-P01 Contemp Family Minnie Cyrus Book
HDFM 2553-P01 Life Span Dvlp TeneInger Johnson Book
HIST 1313-P01 U.S. to 1876 Ronald Goodwin Book
HIST 1313-P02 U.S. to 1876 Karl Baughman Book
HIST 1313-Z01 U.S. to 1876 John Gorman Book
HIST 1323-B01 U.S. 1876 to Present Karl Baughman Book
HIST 1323-P01 U.S. 1876 to Present James Jones Book
HIST 1323-P02 U.S. 1876 to Present James Jones Book
HIST 1323-Z01 U.S. 1876 to Present Marco Robinson Book
HIST 1333-P01 History Of Texas Ralph Morales Book
HLTH 1023-P01 Human Sexuality Marsha Wilson Book
HLTH 2003-Z01 Health And Wellness Loren Bryant Book
HLTH 2003-Z02 Health And Wellness Tre'Nae Tavie Book
HLTH 2023-Z01 Comm & Non Comm Catherine Kisavi-Atatah Book
HLTH 3003-P01 Hlth For Children Stephen David Book
HLTH 3093-Z01 Drugs & Health Akilah Francique Book
HUMA 1303-P06 Introduction to Humanities Joanna Mann Book
HUMA 1303-P07 Introduction to Humanities Joanna Mann Book
HUNF 4303-P01 Human Nutrition & Food Practic Beverly Copeland Book
KINE 1112-P02 Sports Skills II Douglas Fowlkes Book
KINE 1303-P01 Foundation to Kinesiology Albert Johnson Book
KINE 2023-P01 First Aid, Safety and CPR Carlos Jackson Book
KINE 2063-P01 Outdoor Performance Activities Lana Williams Book
KINE 3033-P01 Movement Act for Elem Children Alvin Blake Book
KINE 4033-P01 Measurement and Evaluation Park Atatah Book
KINE 4073-P01 Secondary Kinesiology Trevia Cyrus Book
KINE 4083-P01 Admn Management of Kinesiology Trevia Cyrus Book
KINE 4196-P01 Intern in Hlth and Kinesiology Jim Price Book
MATH 0341-P01 Math Skills - College Algebra Senora Sims Book
MATH 0341-P02 Math Skills - College Algebra James Williams Book
MATH 1103-P01 Contemporary College Algebra Shamsa Ali Book
MATH 1103-P02 Contemporary College Algebra Sheri Stewart Book
MATH 1113-P01 College Algebra Nihal Siriwardana Book
MATH 1113-P03 College Algebra Elizabeth Stoerkel Book
MATH 1113-P04 College Algebra Saroj Pradhan Book
MATH 1113-P05 College Algebra Sumudu Kalubowila Book
MATH 1113-P06 College Algebra Manoj Karki Book
MATH 1115-P01 College Algebra and Trig Frankson Collins Book
MATH 1115-P02 College Algebra and Trig Kassoum Traore Book
MATH 1115-P03 College Algebra and Trig Dimitar Michev Book
MATH 1115-P04 College Algebra and Trig Jian-Ao Lian Book
MATH 1123-P02 Trigonometry Dias Nurmagambetov Book
MATH 1123-P03 Trigonometry Dimitar Michev Book
MATH 1124-P02 Calculus I Charles Odion Book
MATH 1124-PB1 Calculus I Dimitar Michev Book
MATH 1153-P01 Finite Mathematics Kassoum Traore Book
MATH 2003-P01 Elementary Statistics Richard Idowu Book
MATH 2024-P01 Calculus II Saroj Pradhan Book
MATH 2043-P01 Differential Equations Dimitar Michev Book
MATH 2163-P01 Structure Camille Burnett Book
MATH 3003-P01 Mathematics In Elem Elizabeth Stoerkel Book
MATH 3023-P01 Probability & Stat Indika Rathnathungalage Book
MATH 3163-P01 Mathematics Understanding Camille Burnett Book
MATH 3995-P01 Independent Study Nihal Siriwardana Book
MATH 3995-P02 Independent Study Saroj Pradhan Book
MCEG 2013-P01 Thermodynamics I April Lovelady Book
MCEG 3023-P01 Thermodynamics II Rambod Rayegan Book
MCEG 3156-P01 M Engr Intrnshp I Jianren Zhou Book
MCEG 4043-P01 Machine Design II Stephanie Burrs Book
MCEG 4156-P01 M Engr Intrnshp II Jianren Zhou Book
MCEG 4482-P01 Sr Design & Professionalism II Ziaul Huque Book
MCEG 4482-P81 Sr Design & Professionalism II Ziaul Huque Book
MGMT 1013-P01 Intro To Business Daniel Kennebrew Book
MGMT 1013-Z01 Intro To Business Wayne Ballentine Book
MGMT 2000-P01 Prof Development for Business Carolyn Simington-Davis Book
MGMT 3013-P02 Business Statistics Mohammed Hussein Book
MGMT 3013-P82 Business Statistics Mohammed Hussein Book
MGMT 3103-P02 Prin Of Management Cleveland Stiff Book
MGMT 3343-P01 Project Management Wibawa Sutanto Book
MGMT 3393-P01 Coop Educ II Kimberly Gordon Book