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Course Course Title Instructor Book
ACCT 2113-P01 Financial Accounting Susan Minton Book
ACCT 2123-P01 Managerial Accounting Susan Minton Book
ACCT 3313-N02 Cost Accounting Susan Watson Book
ARCH 1233-P81 Visual Communications John Okello Book
ARCH 1233-P82 Visual Communications William Batson Book
ARCH 1253-P81 Architecture Design John Okello Book
ARCH 1253-P82 Architecture Design Ross Wienert Book
ARCH 1266-P81 Arch Design II Ross Wienert Book
ARCH 1266-P82 Arch Design II John Okello Book
ARCH 4443-P01 Cad Const Docs Bruce Bockhorn Book
ARCH 4986-P81 Special Projects Arsenio Rodrigues Book
ARCH 4986-P82 Special Projects William Price Book
ARTS 1203-P01 Introduction to Visual Arts Clarence Talley Book
ARTS 1203-P02 Introduction to Visual Arts Tracey Moore Book
ARTS 1203-PB3 Introduction to Visual Arts Book
ARTS 1203-PB4 Introduction to Visual Arts Book
ARTS 2283-P01 African American Art Clarence Talley Book
ARTS 2283-P03 African American Art Tracey Moore Book
BCOM 3303-P01 Business Communication Reginald Bell Book
BIOL 1015-P01 Gen Biology George Brown Book
BIOL 1025-P01 Gen Biology George Brown Book
BIOL 1054-P01 Anatomy and Physiology I Marie-Therese Simms Book
BIOL 1054-P02 Anatomy and Physiology I Yassin Elhassan Book
BIOL 1064-P01 Anatomy and Physiology II Cleveland Lane Book
BIOL 1064-P02 Anatomy and Physiology II Carla Whittaker Book
BIOL 1111-P01 Coll Biology Lab Paul Drummond Book
BIOL 1113-Z02 College Biology I Deirdre Vaden Book
BIOL 1123-Z01 College Biology II Deirdre Vaden Book
BIOL 3014-P01 Phys-Anatomy Cleveland Lane Book
BIOL 3014-P02 Phys-Anatomy Book
BIOL 3034-P01 Microbiology Paul Drummond Book
BIOL 4012-P01 Med Terminology Deirdre Vaden Book
BIOL 4034-P01 Practicum Yolander Youngblood Book
BIOL 4051-P01 Research George Brown Book
BIOL 4061-P01 Research George Brown Book
CHEG 2003-P01 Eco Anal Technical Application Irvin Osborne-Lee Book
CHEG 2013-P01 Materials Science Irvin Osborne-Lee Book
CHEG 2156-P01 Chem Engineering Internship I Irvin Osborne-Lee Book
CHEG 3156-P02 CHEG Internship II Irvin Osborne-Lee Book
CHEM 1032-P50 General Chemistry Lab Andrea Ashley-Oyewole Book
CHEM 1033-P01 General Inorganic Chemistry Andrea Ashley-Oyewole Book
CHEM 1042-P50 General Chemistry Lab Gina Chiarella-Mansilla Book
CHEM 1043-P01 General Chemistry Gina Chiarella-Mansilla Book
CHEM 2032-P50 General Organic Chemistry Lab Nathaniel Soboyejo Book
CHEM 2033-P01 Gen Org Chem Nathaniel Soboyejo Book
CHEM 2042-P50 General Organic Chemistry Lab Yingchun Li Book
CHEM 2043-P01 Gen Org Chem Yingchun Li Book
CHEM 4033-P01 Biochemistry Yingchun Li Book
CHEM 4042-P51 Bio Chemistry Laboratory Yingchun Li Book
COMM 1003-P01 Fund of SPCH COMM Book
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