Payment must be made only after authorized personnel have certified that the goods or services for which payment is being made have been received.  In those instances where there is an authorized statue, authorization is not required.  Original Invoices should always be submitted to Accounts Payable and a copy kept in the departmental files.

According to the State of Texas Prompt Payment Law, a state agency’s payment is due by the 30th calendar day after the latest of the following:

  1. The day PVAMU receives the goods;
  2. The day the services were completed by the vendor; or
  3. The day after the agency received the invoice for the goods or services.

All invoices received by the Financial Service Department/Accounts Payable Department need to be stamped with the date the invoice was received.

For all documents requiring “Rush” processing in Accounts Payable must be accompanied with appropriate backup to include receipts, invoices, or proper pay vouchers with signatures. All “Rush” documents must be stamped rush and all supporting documents must be attached.

Mail to Attn: 

Financial Services/Accounts Payable Department
P.O. Box 519, Mail stop 1311
Prairie View, TX 77446.

Or it can be delivered to the W.R. Banks Building Room 129.

Deadline for all rush items is 3:00 pm. Invoices received after this time will be counted as the next day.

The only documents that should be rushed are items involving any payment due date prior to the 30 day net.

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