Current Senate Roster

Oluwagbemiga Ojumu
(2nd term ends 4/30/16)
email 936-261-5124 Executive Committee (Member-At-Large); Committee on Committees; Committee on Recruitment & Retention
Orion Ciftja
(2nd term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-3137 Committee on Faculty Research & Development; Committee on Salaries, Benefits, & Budgets
Megan Collins
(1st term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-3205
Jeffrey Freeman
(1st term ends 4/30/16)
email 936-261-3316 Committee on University Facilities
Victoria Godwin
(1st term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-3738
Ronald Goodwin
(1st term ends 4/30/16)
email 936-261-3208 Executive Committee (Parliamentarian); Committee on Committees; Ad Hoc Committee on the Faculty Handbook (Chair)
M. Clay Hooper
(2nd term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-3730 Executive Committee (Speaker); Committee on Committees; Elections Committee; Committee on Faculty Communications & Relations
DeLinda Marzette
(1st term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-3719
Quincy Moore
(1st term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-3168
Michael Nojeim
(2nd term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-3213 Executive Committee (Member-At-Large); Committee on Committees; Elections Committee (Chair)
Gloria Regisford
(2nd term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-3165 Executive Committee (Vice Speaker); Committee on Committees; Committee on Faculty Communications & Relations (chair);
Michael Royster
(1st term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-3200
A. Jan Taylor
(1st term ends 4/30/16)
email 936-261-3327 Committee on Recruitment & Retention
Mark Tschaepe
(1st term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-3216
James Valles
(1st term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-1983
To be determined
(1st term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-9816
Juanita Jimenez
(2nd term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-9800 Facilities Committee
Qiang Fei
(2nd term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-9280 Committee on Compliances of Rules & Procedures
Sanzid Haq
(1st term ends 4/30/16)
email 936-261-9255 Elections Committee
Louis Ngamassi
(1st term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-9246
Emmanuel Opara
(2nd term ends 4/30/16)
email 936-261-9261 Committee on Student Recruitment (chair); Committee on Promotion & Tenure; Committee on Salaries, Benefits, & Budgets; Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Handbook
Clarissa Booker
(2nd term ends 4/30/16)
email 936-261-3408 Committee on Compliance of Rules & Procedures; Committee on Promotion & Tenure; Committee on Enrollment & Retention
Sonia Boone
(1st term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-3403
Jasmine Hamilton
(1st term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-3534
Douglas Hermond
(2nd term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-3648 Committee on Compliance of Rules & Procedures (Chair); Committee on Salaries, Benefits, & Budgets
Lisa Hobson
(1st term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-3517
Albert Johnson
(2nd term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-3913 Executive Committee (Member-At-Large); Committee on Committees; Committee on Salaries, Benefits, & Budgets (chair); Elections Committee
Jorge Gabitto
(1st term ends 4/40/16)
email 936-261-9409 Committee on Faculty Research & Development
Lin Li
(1st term ends 4/30/16)
email 936-261-9882 Committee on Faculty Research & Development; Committee on Recruitment & Retention; Committee on Salaries, Benefits, & Budgets
Xiangfang (Lindsey) Li
(1st term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-9980
Sarhan Musa
(2nd term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-9860
Sheena Reeves
(1st term ends 4/30/16)
email 936-261-9413 Executive Committee (Secretary); Committee on Committees; Elections Committee; Facilities Committee (Chair)
 Yongpeng Zhang
(1st term ends 4/30/16)
email 936-261-9869 Facilities Committee
Aisha Asby
(1st term ends 4/30/16)
email 936-261-5243 Executive Committee (Asst. Secretary); Committee on Committees; Committee on Faculty Promotion & Tenure; Elections Committee
 Solomon Osho
(2nd term ends 4/30/17)
email 936-261-5236 Committee on Salaries, Benefits, & Budgets
Keshea Britton
(1st term ends 4/30/15)
email 713-797-7111 Committee on Recruitment & Retention
Pamela Cormier
(2nd term ends 4/30/16)
email 713-797-7055 Committee on Promotion & Tenure (chair); Committee on Salaries, Benefits, & Budgets
Debbie Jones
(1st term ends 4/30/17)
email 713-797-7057
Douglas Wakhu
(1st term ends 4/30/16)
email 713-797-7110 Committee on Faculty Research & Development


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