Resolution on Faculty Office Hours

In March, the Faculty Senate passed a resolution calling for PVAMU's office hours policy to be aligned more closely with those of our peer and aspirational institutions. View the full resolution under RECENT ACTIVITY: RESOLUTIONS

New Resolutions

In October, the Senate passed two new resolutions, one regarding the actions taken in response to the recent compensation study and the other regarding tenure/promotion procedures. View both resolutions under RECENT ACTIVITY: RESOLUTIONS.

Resolution on Recruitment Service

In its February meeting, the Senate passed a resolution calling upon the administration to define recruitment as a voluntary rather than mandatory form of service for faculty members. View the full resolution under  RECENT ACTIVITIES: RESOLUTIONS.

Faculty Compensation Study Update

PVAMU has contracted with HR firm, Sibson Consulting, to conduct an in-depth study of faculty compensation practices and propose a comprehensive compensation philosophy along with strategies for implementing and maintaining that philosophy over the long term. The study is underway as of 7/7/15 and scheduled for completion by February 2016. See the Senate's original proposal under "Recent Activity: Proposals [...]

Multiyear Contracts for Contingent Faculty

In March 2015, the Senate put forth a proposal outlining a merit-based system for awarding multiyear contracts to contingent faculty members.  View the full proposal under “Recent Activities: Proposals to the President.”

Compensation Study Update

The Senate provided critical feedback for the Request For Proposals (RFP) for the contract to conduct the compensation study that the Senate proposed in April, 2014.  View the Senate's original proposal and its feedback for the RFP under "Recent Activities: Proposals to the President."

Inquiry Regarding Administrative Hiring (Sept. 2014)

The Senate sent a letter of inquiry to the president regarding concerns about the hiring process for positions within the upper administration.  Find a more detailed account of these concerns under "Recent Activity: Motions & Resolutions."

Equity Study (April, 2014)

The Senate proposed a comprehensive, external study of salary compression and gender equality among all faculty and staff salaries.  View the full proposal in "Recent Activity."

University Academic Council (March, 2014)

The Senate proposed a full review of the membership policies and practices within the University Academic Council.  View the full proposal in "Recent Activity."

Senate Elections (May 2014)

Prior to the May meeting, several colleges held elections for open Senate seats (for a summary of results, see the "Recent Activity" page); and during the May meeting, the Senate elected its slate of Executive Committee officers for the 2014-2015 session.  The Executive Committee officers are listed on the "Senate Committees" page.