Faculty Research & Development

This committee is charged with the preparation of detailed written reports on the progress of faculty research and development of the university, shall assess the implication of the programs designed for advancing faculty research and development, and shall make recommendations to the Senate regarding the priorities for staff development.  The chair of this committee holds the position, ex officio, of Senate Liaison to the Center for Teaching Excellence.

  Committee Co-Chair: Jorge Gabitto jfgabitto@pvamu.edu
  Committee Co-Chair: Gloria Regisford gcregisford@pvamu.edu
  Members: Jasmine Hamilton jmhamilton@pvamu.edu
  Megan Collins mecollins@pvamu.edu
  Yonghui Wang yowang@pvamu.edu
  Toniesha Taylor tltaylor@pvamu.edu
  Arshad Alam aralam@pvamu.edu
  Douglas Wakhu dowakhu@pvamu.edu
  Doris Morgan-Bloom djmorgan-bloom@pvamu.edu
  Mohammed Hussein mthussein@pvamu.edu
  Michael Gyamerah migyamerah@pvamu.edu