Faculty Communications & Relations

This standing committee is charged with facilitating communications between the Senate and faculty at large.  It is responsible for managing the existing channels of communication but also for critically assessing those channels and recommending any changes or improvements.  It will report regularly to the Senate on the various concerns that have been raised by faculty members and assure that these concerns are directed to and taken up by the appropriate committee or taskforce.

  Committee Chair: Gloria Regisford gcregisford@pvamu.edu
  Members: M. Clay Hooper mchooper@pvamu.edu
  Jasmine Hamilton jmhamilton@pvamu.edu
  Victoria Godwin vlgodwin@pvamu.edu
  Michael Nojeim mjnojeim@pvamu.edu
  James Valles jrvalles@pvamu.edu
  Megan Collins mecollins@pvamu.edu