Executive Committee

According the Faculty Senate Constitution, the Executive Committee shall be composed of the speaker, vice-speaker, immediate past speaker, secretary, treasurer and three additional members elected annually by the Faculty Senate from its membership. Committee members shall serve from May 1 of the elected year to April 30 of the following year. The Executive Committee shall act for the Faculty Senate for the purpose of making nominations of faculty members to serve on University and System Committees. Nominations for such committees will be subject to approval of the Faculty Senate at any regular or special meeting.

Speaker: M. Clay Hooper mchooper@pvamu.edu
Vice Speaker: Michael Nojeim mjnojeim@pvamu.edu
Secretary: Jasmine Hamilton jmhamilton@pvamu.edu
Assistant Secretary: Megan Collins mecollins@pvamu.edu
Parliamentarian: Ronald Goodwin regoodwin@pvamu.edu
Member-At-Large: Victoria Godwin vlgodwin@pvamu.edu
Member-At-Large: Douglas Hermond dshermond@pvamu.edu
Member-At-Large: Kitty Warsame kbwarsame@pvamu.edu