Alumni Inspirational

Greeting Students!  I, Allyson Washington, a 2008 PVAMU graduate of Engineering Technology was asked to write a letter of motivation by Your Professors. That to me speaks volumes. At this moment, you, a college freshman, accepted into the Engineering Field is of a privilege and honor. At the end of your college journey, whether you finish or not, that is up to you. But I know there are a few of you in these classes that are determined to finish, no matter what circumstances or challenges that may come up against you.  All of the professors, including Dean Harris, Dr. Kirby and Dr. Ketkar at the University know that I was not the smartest in my class, nor the richest, but I chose to finish for me. Not only did I finish, I made sure I had a career at the end of the college journey. No one in this world owes anything to you, but the moment you stepped onto the campus of PVAMU you were setup for Greatness. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, all faculty members took their time to ask for help for YOU!  Be Encouraged.  “The race isn’t [won] by fast runners, or the battle by heroes. Wise people don’t necessarily have food. Intelligent people don’t necessarily have riches, and skilled people don’t necessarily receive special treatment. But time and unpredictable events overtake all of them.” Allyson L Washington
Air Warfare Systems
Raytheon Missile Systems
P.O. Box 11337
Tucson, AZ 85734-1337
Dear Panthers,My name is Catrina Scott, I obtained a B.S. in Engineering Technology from one of the oldest Universities in the great state of Texas. In May of 2004, I remember walking into the Baby Dome and listening to all of the cheers from the families congratulating me and others for making it that far. My freshman year I thought I couldn’t make it at Prairie View, I thought it was too hard, and I questioned my abilities as an Engineering major. I wasn’t the best student in high school nor did I obtain high awards in college but, I worked hard in all that was put before me. I had great friends to encourage me and we helped each other when it was necessary to buckle down to study.  For the last 7 years I have been a Systems Engineer for Raytheon Company on the JPSS Weather Satellite Program. They recruited me to work in Omaha, Nebraska now in Denver, Colorado. The tools and lessons learned from Prairie View helped me see my potential as well as the great professors who impacted my life. The best time of your life starts now because the decisions you make as a freshman WILL impact your future. There will be plenty of time to play or slack off but, the early years at Prairie View are vital to your success. I slacked off my freshman and first half of my sophomore year which made it harder for me the last few years if I wanted to obtain a 3.0 and above GPA.  I am a proof that Prairie View Produces Productive People!! I close with this…What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Would you really know what to do?? Would you spend all of your time slacking off??? How about you have the mindset that you WILL NOT FAIL and still push yourself more than the day before.  Thank you,
Catrina Scott
Catrina L. Scott
Sr. Systems Engineer
JPSS SEIT (Interfaces/Block 1.5.2)
Intelligence & Information Systems
Raytheon Company
Dear Fellow Panthers,
It is with great pride that I provide a bit of encouragement to each you in your collegiate endeavors as you journey toward forming your own careers. I was recently asked to provide some motivation for you in the areas of completing normal course work as well as preparing for tests. I implore you to recall the fact that you signed up 1. To be a Panther: This means you already recognized that Prairie View Produces Productive People, and 2. To pursue a degree in Engineering Technology: This means you have a passion to innovate and create products, services, and processes. Let me remind you that the end of your journey is not simply a degree or to simply pass a class, neither is it to do enough to meet the minimum requirements.
Once you leave the doors of S.R. Collins, you will be expected to excel and exceed all expectations of future employers as well as business partners in the areas of entrepreneurship. How you plan, prepare, and execute in your college courses will be the first indicator of how you will perform for any given company. Since this is the case, realize that you are cheating yourself if you are not striving and seeking to do your “A”- level work at all times. You often hear the speech about “look to your right, look to your left…at least one of those students will not walk across the stage with you” and unfortunately, that is often the case. In most cases, it is because students lose focus at some point in their college careers, and in the same way you don’t look back while running a track event, in school and life, you shouldn’t allow distractions to pull your attention away from the finish line. It is easy to lose focus and get off track, but it is harder to recover the time, money, and energy lost. It takes a motivated and serious individual to stay focused, remain on the course, and not only put forth an effort, but do their very best in every area.
Remember, you are in control of your own career beginning now, so the potential for success is your choice. Choose now not to limit yourself to a mediocre job by performing poorly, but make opportunity and career pursuit available to you by setting a foundation of success through diligence and hard work.  Sincerely, a Proud Panther,
LaQuasha M Johnson
Prairie View A&M University, 2004 B.S. CPET
Electrical Engineering Raytheon Company
Dallas, TX
PerronTo PV CPET/ELET Students:I am writing to solicit and encourage my fellow younger PV Panthers to develop a sense of PV Pride and Excellence in their academic studies. My name is Lionel Perron, a 2006 Computer Engineering Technology, Magna Cum Laude Graduate from the College of Engineering, Department of Engineering Technology.
As my first exposure to Prairie View A&M as a freshman, I was highly impressed with the college life that it had to offer. From the parties, to football games, step shows, etc., the social life was everything I could have asked for. However, I had to remember the main reason, I came to PV and that was to gain a first class education.
I charge you, the student, to become actively involved in your academic studies now, take charge of your academic success, and do not allow negative influences to lead you into a direction of failure. Failure is not an option! Not only should you get involved in your academic studies, but also, the civic organizations that are currently being offered on the campus. This will allow you to have a balance, learn more about yourself, and strengthen your leadership, team work, and oral skills.
It is highly important for you to take your academic studies seriously – with the rising number of college graduates without jobs, it is important for you to be able to compete with students from the likes of Harvard, Texas A&M, UT, and other larger schools. I have no doubt that you can compete and compete successfully against your counterparts…. BECAUSE PVAMU PRODUCES PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE! Again, I challenge you to perform with excellence, so you can land the internships and co-ops which could successfully turn into a full time offer awaiting you before you graduate.
I mean really, do you really want to go back home after college because you were not able to secure a full time job within your profession or be admitted in a prestigious graduate program because you clown and didn’t take school serious OR do you want to be that student that get kicked out of school because of a poor academic performance? My answer would be NO to both! You should want to be that student who wants to excel, not because of your parents or guardian, not because of Prairie View, but because of YOU! Remember, having a plan without writing it down is only a dream! So from this day forward, I ask that you write your goals, try your hardest to obtain them, and remember in doing it reach back to help someone else out.
Be that leader, get motivated, and take charge of your academic studies….. You are bright, intelligent, and somebody…. Because PV PRODUCES PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE!
Lionel Perron, 9 October 2012
2006 Magna Cum Laude Graduate who is a Senior Project Manager for ASI Government Solutions, based in Washington, DC.