More than 350 alumni from the Department of Engineering Technology have been working in Corporate America, government agencies, and educational institutions. They have been working with professionalism, dignity, honor, and dedication to the nation. Many of the graduates have elevated their academic credentials with MS and PhD degrees to work in academics and research. 

Some of the major industries that our alumni work are: NASA, Accenture, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Texas Instruments, Chevron, EXXON Mobil, AT&T, DELL, and US Army.

We maintain close contact with the alumni in order get their feedback to update our courses and curricula and stay up-to-date with the technological advancement in the industry. One of the objectives of our programs is to ascertain proper placement of our graduates and to see them in the leadership positions. For several years we conducted frequent alumni surveys. The survey showed that we meet our objective.

In Career Days our graduates are seen to represent respective companies. They often stop by the department to meet the continuing students  in the classrooms. The students listen to the former students with lots of enthusiasms. Their visits, in fact, make a big difference in the minds of the continuing students.