Lab Facilities

The Computer Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering Technology programs are supported by 8 laboratories.  Appendix C lists the laboratory sizes and equipment in each lab.  Each PC is equipped with up-to-date versions of software such as, MS Office components, Microsoft Visual Studio, Java platform, microVision, MATLAB, MultiSim, XILINX ISE, etc.  In addition to lab classes in the afternoon, all laboratories are available for special projects, Senior Project work, equipment maintenance, and other faculty uses during a large part of each day.  Since the laboratories do not have any schedule during the first half of the day, lectures may be scheduled for better utilization of the spaces.


Students in Lab
Besides these 8 laboratories as mentioned above, a general computer laboratory is situated in Room 203. This is equally shared by the students of the Computer Science.  This opens at 8 in the morning and closes at 12 p.m. midnight during the regular semesters in fall and spring.