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kharris2Prairie View A&M University’s Roy G. Perry College of Engineering has a rich and well established legacy of producing some of the most outstanding engineers, computer scientists and technologists in the nation. However, as our country faces the growing issue of fewer secondary students choosing to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical (STEM) fields of study, this legacy is in jeopardy. The present day millennium students are faced with many more challenges than students of twenty years ago resulting in a lack of interest and preparation in the STEM fields of study. Therefore, engineering schools must address this issue as a realistic threat to the core fabric and future of engineering education. It is my opinion that the leadership of engineering schools throughout the country must be both cognizant and equipped to develop strategic plans to overcome this shrinkage of the STEM pipeline.

As the Roy G. Perry College of Engineering at PVAMU transitions into a new era, this administration has the vision and expertise necessary to meet the challenges of recruiting and maintaining a strong student population; cultivation of a world-class faculty that performs state-of-the-art research; and the ability to expand its internal and external extension to the academic and professional community alike while preserving the legacy of the College. The Roy G. Perry College of Engineering at PVAMU has had the great fortune of achieving some extraordinary accomplishments in the face of internal and external impedances: its student population has remained relatively level in times of declining student enrollment in STEM fields across the country; its faculty has managed to secure a significant portion of the overall University’s external research budget (College average external funding for the past three years~$5.8 million) while teaching at high faculty teaching loads (12 hours per semester); and the student graduation rate has steadily increased. While all of these accomplishments can be attributed to the outstanding efforts of the current faculty and staff, I feel that this College has even greater potential. As the new Dean of Engineering, one of my top priorities is to ensure that the Roy G. Perry College of Engineering at PVAMU becomes one of the foremost engineering colleges in the nation. My long-term goal is to reach a level of achievement and recognition that places the College among the global leaders in engineering education, research and service.

The position of Dean within a University has some very succinct roles and responsibilities. A major role of Dean is to help facilitate the matriculation of both students and faculty; students towards graduation and faculty towards tenure/promotion and professional development. This role is vital to the success of the Roy G. Perry College of Engineering at PVAMU. To accomplish the successful matriculation of our students the College will introduce a new Engineering Success Center – one of the main objectives of this center is to improve the retention rate of our students through the offering of supplemental instructions for all math, science and engineering courses.

As the Dean, I will continue to be a great asset to the College and the University because of my distinct analytical skills, engaging personality, integrity, management capabilities, and high standards of excellence. I have an unequivocal commitment to excellence in teaching, scholarly activities, and public service. I value shared governance and pledge to maintain cooperative relationships with all campus and departmental contingencies. I will strengthen the College’s relationships with private industries as well as state and government funding agencies. I will attempt to bring a new form of leadership that is resolute in solving problems and making the College better for the people that it serves. My management style is supportive, respectful, and I have a philosophy of positive reinforcement of employees. I am totally committed to providing the most efficient and courteous service to the College and University. I will inspire units under my authority to become more flexible, responsive, and adaptable to the needs of its constituents and personnel. My fiscal stewardship will be unparalleled, for I will work diligently with the departments to ensure the College’s future financial stability.

Finally, I will be steadfast in my duties to see that resources are utilized in a prudent manner which advances the overall mission of the College and University. The Roy G. Perry College of Engineering at PVAMU should be proud of its past accomplishments including its production of excellent engineering graduates, development and cultivation of outstanding faculty and staff, its research capabilities, and its service to the engineering community. It gives me extreme pleasure to continue and enhance the great reputation of this College by serving as its next Dean.

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