Engineering Technology

The University is requesting to phase out the Computer Engineering Technology (CPET) program and the Electrical Engineering Technology (ELET) program. We are no longer admitting students to these two programs.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology

The Bachelor of Science degree program in computer engineering technology is designed to give students a solid foundation in mathematics, basic science, computer hardware and software. Students are provided with a sound technical foundation employing the latest techniques of the discipline. The program is designed to prepare students to assemble, calibrate, install, maintain, troubleshoot, and redesign modern computers and the various peripherals they may control, network design, administration and management.

Graduates of the Computer Engineering Technology Program are in high demand because of the current expansion of computer and computer-related industries.  Demand is heightened by the increasing application of computer technology to all aspects of engineering and industrial development, as well as to consumer and consumer-oriented industries. As a result, there is an increasing need for well-trained microprocessor application designers, interface designers, software specialists, and sales representatives.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology

The Electrical Engineering Technology Program offers a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering technology. Students in this program may choose to concentrate either in communication electronics or digital electronics.

The Communication Electronics option is designed to prepare graduates who are highly skilled in the use of science, mathematics, computers, and electronics for the communications electronics industry.  Graduates with a background in communication electronics are in high demand because of the impact of satellites and computers on the communication industry.  This demand is heightened by the increasing development of new and advanced methods of transmitting and receiving of digital data in all areas of the industry.

The Digital Electronics option is concerned with the design, fabrication, and utilization of integrated circuits, discrete components, and semiconductors used in various electronic products.

Opportunities are excellent and graduates are qualified to apply their knowledge in a number of electronics and related positions. With the increased use of communications and digital electronic products in the United States, job opportunities for graduates of this program are likely to grow faster than those in any other area.

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