Certification Requirements


Counseling Certification Requirements

1. A Master’s Degree
2. Two(2) Years Teaching Experience
3. Successfully pass TExES Examination #152
4. Applicant must apply for their certificate through the Office
of Teacher Certification, Delco Bldg Room 302

_____ CNSL 5003 Organization & Administration of Guidance and Human Services Program
_____ CNSL 5013 Counseling Techniques
_____ CNSL 5023 Counseling Theory and Practice
_____ CNSL 5063 Counseling Practicum
_____ CNSL 5083 Psychology of Abnormal Behavior
_____ CNSL 5113 Career Development Counseling
_____ CNSL 5123 Appraisal Techniques
_____ CNSL 5133 Group Dynamics
_____ CNSL 5143 Human Growth and Development
_____ CNSL 5153 Cross-Cultural Issues

All required courses must have been taken within the last ten years in order to
Receive credit toward certification.
No grade of “C” will be accepted toward certification.


Download and print certification requirements

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