Educational Leadership and Counseling

The purpose of the Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling (ELAC) is to provide quality instruction, research, service, and outreach programs that foster knowledge, appreciation and experience in order to prepare graduates to meet the challenges of their educational goals. Through a comprehensive program of graduate courses and practical experiences, students will be prepared as facilitators and professional decision-makers who can assist all learners in meeting expected learner outcomes. The program provides a master’s degree in Educational Administration and Counseling and a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership. Students may also apply for the Texas Principal, Superintendent and School Counselor Certification. The ELAC instructional outcomes are integrated throughout the curricula, which reflect the understanding of the need for transitions to an age of information and global economy. The ELAC instructional goals provide a seamless learning environment that supports individual and group collaboration as the basis for the core curriculum. The learning outcomes include the following and are designed to provide instruction that adapts effectively to changing needs:

  • Functional Domain is to empower students to organize, implement, monitor and lead in the collaborative governance of school related activities.
  • Interpersonal Domains prepare students to increase skills in oral, written and nonverbal communication while exemplifying character that is moral and ethical in working with teachers, staff, students and the community.
  • Contextual Domains emphasizes student understanding in philosophical, cultural, political and public relations values in creating a school culture that is learner-centered.
  • Professional Curricula instruction identifies various: curriculum designs, effective procedures for working with faculty and staff, methods of evaluation and techniques for creating instructional and learning environment that fosters diversity, affective and cognitive learning experiences.

Students who work full-time are provided a program of classes that meet during the evening, on Saturdays and during the summer months. The Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling accepts the premise that the majority of our students are either full-time students or full-time employees of various school districts who desire balance between collaborative and individual courses of study.

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