Senior Desg & Prof. I ELEG 4472

ELEG 4472 Senior Design and Professionalism I: 2 semester hours.

This is the first course of a two-semester capstone experience (ELEG 4482 must immediately followELEG 4472 or sequence must restart with 4472) involving engineering design of an industrial or advanced team project. Elements of ethics and professionalism in engineering practice are integrated into the project experience. The project will include application of relevant engineering codes and standards, as well as realistic constraints. Design achievements are demonstrated with written reports, and oral presentation, and professional standards and ethics examinations.
Prerequisites: MCEG 2013, CVEG 2454, CHEG 2003, COMM 1003, ELEG 2011, ELEG 3063, ELEG 3043,PHYS 2511, PHYS 2521, GNEG 2021, GNEG 1121, CHEM 1021.