ECE Incomplete “I” Grade and In Progress “IP” Grade

Incomplete “I” Grade

The grade of “I”, incomplete, is assigned to students who are unable to complete a course due to circumstances beyond their control. For lecture, seminar, independent study, and similar organized instruction courses, the student must complete the work necessary to remove the grade of “I” in one calendar year from the semester in which the “I” was awarded. All grades of “I” in courses that are included in the requirements for a degree must be replaced with a grade acceptable in the program. Students are not to re-enroll in a course for which a grade of “I” has been recorded.


Title IX: Pregnancy & Related Conditions:

In the case of a student who does not otherwise qualify for leave under the university’s incomplete policy, the university shall treat pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy and recovery therefrom as a justification for a leave of absence for so long a period of time as is deemed medically necessary by the student’s physician, at the conclusion of which the student shall be reinstated to the status which she held when the leave began.


In Progress “IP” Grade:

An “IP”, in progress, is assigned to thesis, dissertation, internship, project, and practicum provided the student remains enrolled and makes satisfactory progress as certified by the committee chair, dean and director/coordinator of graduate program. The time allocated for removal of the “IP” shall be the same as the maximum time for completion of a degree or certificate.