By: Million Woldesenbet & A. Anil Kumar (Supported by US ARMY – CECOM)

Modulation plays an important role in a digital communication system. Most transmission media require digital modulation to be performed for reliable transfer of information. However, with the proliferation of wireless communications, we still and will continue to rely heavily on the open atmosphere as a major medium of transmission. VQM is a highly promising technique for accomplishing the modulation task and it also performs a low level encryption. At a cost of more complexity in codebook design, extensive channel coding can be incorporated in VQM and performed in a single step along with modulation and encryption. However, VQM allows for external encryption and channel coding to be performed as well. The goal of this thesis is to introduce a new digital modulation technique and provide performance analysis results that indicate the practicality of the method.

Performance results indicate the viability of VQM technology in several applications. As the military is in constant search of a reliable communications technology for use in combat situations, the performance measurements indicate that VQM could be a promising technique that can be used for such applications. Further, the encryption capability of VQM make it an attractive alternative.