Nicole Poenitzsch

XLR8 Faculty-Royal High School


Nicole Poenitzsch

Career Goal: To become an administrative leader with Royal ISD

B.S., Texas Tech University (2005)

M.S., UH-Victoria (Expected May 2008)

Phone: 281-934-2215


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Work Experience:

Classes Taught:

  • English I, English II, English III, English IV
  • AP English IV
  • Theatre Arts
  • Cheerleading
  • Coached various UIL academic teams including debate, one-act play, prose, poetry
  • Extemporaneous speaking

Course Outlines/Lesson Plans:

Class Assignments:

Committee Assignments:

  • Leader, Royal’s Data Analysis Team
  • Royal’s College and Career Committee
  • Site-Based Decision Making Team
  • Junior Class

“Royal is heading in the right direction.  The leaders at Royal have the passion, vision, and courage needed to successfully make changes in the education system.”

Other Activities:
Marshall-Gates Project:
In partnership with PVAMU, Nicole Poenitzsch and Traci Toler are actively working with Dr. Anil Kumar and Dr. Sarah Wakefield to begin raising the standards and rigor at Royal High School in the area of English Language Arts. Dr. Kumar has helped lead the these efforts in incorporating aspects of other core curricula to horizontally aligned the objectives and work being done in the English Department. Dr. Wakefield is working closely with Poenitzsch and Toler to put collegiate standards in place at the Junior and Senior levels of Royal’s high school English program.  All efforts are functioning under the need to enhance students’ writing skills and create a culture of writing across the curriculum.

Royal Data Analysis Team
The objective of the Royal Data Analysis Team is to create a culture at Royal High School in which all of our decisions and actions are driven by thorough analysis of data.  This team has been put together to gather, interpret, share, and act upon data.  The goal is for the teachers at the campus to become aware of how our demographics, perceptions, and processes affect student learning and success.  This team is working with Region IV to become skilled at gathering and interpreting data, so that this group of teacher leaders can begin to make advances in creating a culture at Royal High School in which we are acutely aware of our students real needs and real ways to impact student achievement.