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Community Economic Development
Would it not be nice to be able to build a business on your hobbies? That is what Robert Petersen did. Robert Petersen just loves cars. He also likes hunting, fishing, scuba diving, flying and guns. But most of all, he likes to start magazines that cater to these pastimes. Follow this link to know more.
We all enjoy a good motivational speech. Look here for the newest trend in motivational speaking.
How large organizations spawn bright ideas.
Everybody knows that high-technology is the engine driving today’s economy. What people don’t realize is that the high-tech engine depends on a low-tech industry to make it run.
This web site also has many links to international sites. The global economy cannot be stable unless it is firmly based on local economies. “Think global and act local”. This page lists and rates electronic resources related to community economic development.
This web site has links to many community development centers across the US along with success stories.