By: Adriana Caceres & A. Anil Kumar (Supported by US ARMY – CECOM)



The need for a new program in this area is due to the fact that available commercial software is designed to work in a fast, efficient and optimized fashion for general systems, it may not be suited for specific needs. For some applications it is required to customize the software. Every stage of the communication system was implemented as a collection of routines and libraries inside the program. CSIM is a prototype of a comprehensive program, developed in-house at Prairie View A&M University. It is modular, flexible, user controllable and user friendly. CSIM provides excellent controlled bench marks for comparison wit

h other simulation programs. CSIM is fully functional and ready to be generalized to include other modules. Applicable to multiple areas, not only signal processing in the military but also in the commercial/industry areas for different processes. The modular routines and libraries developed herein can be embedded in such a complex communications software. The program has an “open” structure in the sense that each module can be interfaced with other standard libraries with a minimum of change in the code.