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The advisors are assigned to students by the student’s last name.

Example:  Dr. Sadiku would be the advisor of a student who’s name is John Doe because the last name ends in D.


Student Last Name Advisor Contact
A-B profile picture of Cofie, Penrose

Cofie, Penrose, Instructor

Email:  pscofie@pvamu.eduPhone:  (936) 261-9912Location:  New Engr Bldg rm 348
C – D profile picture of Sadiku, Matthew N.O.

Sadiku, Matthew N.O., Professor

Email:  mnsadiku@pvamu.eduPhone:  (936) 261-9906Location:  New Engr Bldg rm 328
E – F

Koay, Siew T., Professor

Email:  stkoay@pvamu.eduPhone:  (936) 261-9904Location:  New Engr Bldg rm 324
G – H profile picture of Cui, Suxia

Cui, Suxia, Associate Professor

Email: sucui@pvamu.eduPhone:  (936) 261-9917Location:  New Engr Bldg rm  334
I – J profile picture of Fuller, John H.

Fuller, John H.,Professor

Email:  jhfuller@pvamu.eduPhone:  (936) 261-9923Location:  New Engr Bldg rm 344
K – L

profile picture of Qian, Lijun

Qian, Lijun,  Professor

Email:  liqian@pvamu.eduPhone:  (936) 261-9908Location:  New Engr Bldg rm 332
M – N

profile picture of Li, Xiangfang

Li, Xiangfang, Assistant Professor

Email:  xili@pvamu.eduPhone:  (936)261-9918Location:  New Engr Bldg rm 336
O – P

profile picture of Kumar, A. Anil

Kumar, A. Anil, Professor

 Transfer Student Advisor


Email:  aakumar@pvamu.eduPhone:  (936) 261-9909Location:  New Engr Bldg rm 316
Q – R profile picture of Ali, Warsame H.Ali, Warsame H., Associate Professor  Undergraduate Coordinator Email: Phone:  (936) 261-9910Location:  New Engr Bldg rm 315H
S – T profile picture of Wilkins, Richard T.Wilkins, Richard T., Professor Graduate Coordinator Email:  rtwilkins@pvamu.eduPhone:  (936) 261-9914Location:  SR Collins 316
U – V – W Tolliver, Charlie L., Professor Email:  cltolliver@pvamu.eduPhone:  (936) 261-9903Location:  New Engr Bldg rm 320
X – Y – Z

profile picture of Annamalai, AnnamalaiAnnamalai, Annamalai, Professor

Email:  aaannamalai@pvamu.eduPhone:  (936) 261-9991Location:  Gilchrist Room 124
Freshmen Advisor Transfer Student Advisor

profile picture of Attia, John O.

Attia, John O., Professor

Email:  joattia@pvamu.eduPhone:  (936) 261-9916Location:  New Engr Bldg rm 318  
Freshmen Advisor profile picture of Kirby, Kelvin K.

Kirby, Kelvin K., Associate Professor

Email:  kkkirby@pvamu.eduPhone:  (936) 261-9914Location:  SR Collins 108
  profile picture of Mrs. Colleen HarrisMrs. Colleen Harris Administrative Assistant Supports Undergraduate Programs Email: crharris@pvamu.eduPhone: (936)261-9919Location: New Engr Bldg rm  315B  

Mr. Riaz Kureshi


Email:  rakureshi@pvamu.eduPhone:  (936) 261-9922Location:  New Engr Bldg rm 124