Hiring Process for Graduate Assistants (Teaching and Non-Teaching)  –  New Hires

Students who have not worked for the University in less than 15 days are considered new hires and should complete the following steps:

Step 1:  Complete the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department’s Graduate Teaching  Assistantship Application.  The application will be sent to the Department automatically.  Please note:  This is a competitive position and not all applicants will be hired.  The selection is based on a match between the skills of the student and the Department’s needs.

Step 2:   The Department will notify the student via their PVAMU email  if the student is selected as a Graduate Assistant.

Step  3.   The student is required to submit the following four documents in one package to the ECE Department:

1.    A signed and dated Staff Application for Employment (Instructions to complete a Staff Application)

2.    A copy of detailed class schedule (via PantherTracks)

3.   A completed Confidential Release Form

4.   A completed Blood Borne Pathogen (BBP) Personnel Exposure Assessment signed by both the Graduate Assistant and the Graduate Assistant’s supervisor

Step 4.  Provide three copies of your transcript to the following units:  1) Academic Affairs, 2) Roy G Perry College of Engineering and 3) the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering:  Click this link for addresses.

Step 5.  A written offer of employment is extended to prospective Graduate Assistant by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

Step 6.  The prospective Graduate Assistant should return the accepted written offer of employment to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

Step 7.  All new hire Graduate Assistants are required to attend New Employee Orientation (NEO). Email notification will be sent to the hiring department from the Office of Human Resources confirming the hire is approved to attend NEO.