ECE Graduate Program Spring Deadlines

Spring 2018 Deadlines

Apply for  graduation Apply for  graduation (Consult with your Committee Chair for approval  before submitting this application)
Friday,February 23, 2018  Deadline to Apply for Thesis/Dissertation Defense
Monday,March 5, 2018  Deadline to Register to take the Preliminary Exam
Friday,March 9, 2018  Deadline to Defend Thesis/Dissertation
Friday,March 23, 2018  Preliminary Exams test date
Friday,April 6, 2018  Deadline to  Submit UNBOUND Final Draft of Thesis/Dissertation
Tuesday,April 3, 2018  Deadline to Request a Degree Audit for Graduation for the Summer/Fall Semester
 Monday,April 23, 2018 Deadline to Submit Bound Thesis/Dissertation to Department Head  six  bound copies are required. ( See Thesis and Dissertation Manual pg. 17)