ECE Catalog (Degree Plan) Selection

Students will use the catalog (ECE degree plan)  issued for the academic year in which they first enroll in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (ECE), provided those requirements are completed within a continuous six year period. The academic year begins with the fall semester. Students enrolling for the first time during summer session are subject to the catalog (ECE degree plan)   for the following academic year. If degree requirements are not completed within the six year period, students must meet all requirements effective for the catalog (ECE degree plan)  under which they expect to graduate. If attendance is interrupted for as much as one academic year, or if a student transfers from one degree program to another, the catalog requirement in effect at the time of readmission or transfer applies.

Students may elect to use a more recent catalog. However, if they later transfer to another institution or another college at PVAMU and wish to return to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Prairie View A&M University they will follow the current catalog curricula in effect if they are readmitted.

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