Texas Common Course Numbering System

Transferring courses is easier in Texas than it is in many other states because Texas has aCommon Course Numbering System (TCCNS). That means similar courses that are taught at public colleges and universities in the first two years of college are identified by common numbers (although the numbers may not be used on your campus). Each college and university catalog identifies freshman- and sophomore-level courses that have common course numbers. If you are planning to transfer, these are often the best courses to choose. However, sometimes your college may have a special transfer agreement with another school for other courses to transfer. See an advisor, who can help you sort out the information and make the right choices.

The TCCNS Matrix provides course equivalencies between TCCN and institutions, including other community colleges.

It is important to know what courses are recognized as common at the school to which you plan to transfer. Each Texas public community college or university will accept TCCNS courses, provided such credits are within the approved transfer curriculum of the student's declared major field of study at the receiving institution. A change of major may result in loss of credits earned in a previous program [1].