ECE CPT Application Process

Students can complete a CPT only at the advisor’s request.  The advisor must make the request to the Department (not the student).  The steps to make a request are as follows:

  1.  The advisor and student review the website:  Requirements for Practical Training | ICE
  2. The advisor and student complete a Degree Plan which includes CPT and explain why it is required. (NOTE:  the CPT must be associated with a class on the Degree Plan –which is more than likely Thesis, Project or Dissertation)
  3. The advisor and student completes the following form:  PVAMU Curricular Practical Training  (CPT) Form
  4. The student completes the following form: Curricular Practical Training  (CPT) ( The advisor will automatically be notified when it is completed).
  5.  The advisor completes the CPT Request Form for Faculty Advisors , the request will automatically be sent to the Department Head.