Respondus Download

Click one of the 3 links below to download that application. For security purposes, clicking “Download Respondus*” or “Download StudyMate*” will prompt you to log into eCourses. After logging in, click the “Enroll me” button to be temporarily enrolled in a shell that will provide access to the Respondus 4.0 and StudyMate installation files.

Download Respondus*

Download StudyMate*

Download LockDown Browser

Upon your initial use of Respondus, you will be required to enter license information. Click the link below to view the Respondus license information:

Respondus License Information

*Users must use their Official University eCourses login information to download Respondus or StudyMate.  See examples below.

The Username is the user’s PV Place/PV email username/eCourses
Example: if the user’s email address is the username is “jdoe

The password is the same as the user’s PV Place/PV email password/eCourses