ProctorU at PVAMU

ProctorU is a live online proctoring service for test takers taking exams online. Students can take proctored exams from anywhere using a webcam and a high speed internet connection.

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PVAMU ProctorU Pricing Schedule 
There is no setup or start up fees of any kind. ProctorU charges a flat fee per completed exam session. The pricing is based on the set time limit of the exam and is as follows:

  • 0-30 minutes: $8.75
  • 31-60 minutes: $17.50
  • 61-120 minutes: $25.00
  • 121-180 minutes: $33.75
  • 181 minutes and up: $42.50

Students are asked to schedule their appointments more than 72 hours in advance. However, there are premium scheduling options in which students can take exam within the 72-hour window or even within the next hour. Those prices are as follows:

  • Take it Soon (Within 72 hours) $5.00 (additional)
  • Take It Now (Within 1 hour) $8.75 (additional)

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