Training Opportunities with the ODL

The ODL provides a variety of training in multiple formats. We offer training documentation, synchronous sessions, and asynchronous web-based for faculty in the use of eCourses, for certification to teach online and hybrid courses*, and other course related applications managed by the ODL.

The ODL also provides student orientation for our course related applications, including eCourses, ePortfolio, and Turnitin. To schedule a student orientation, contact the ODL at See the expandable list below for more information regarding faculty/staff training.

Distance Learning (DL) Certification Training

DL Certification Training consists of 4 modules:
1. Introduction
2. Intermediate
3. Hybrid Course Delivery
4. Advanced
The ODL offers DL certification online for individuals. Face-to-face sessions are offered for groups of five or more. See "Face-to-face (F2F) Group Training" for more information.

Face-to-face (F2F) Group Training

The ODL offers F2F group training sessions for groups of five people or more.

F2F sessions can be scheduled for DL certification training, individual elements of eCourses, and other web-based course-related applications managed by the ODL.

To schedule training, contact the ODL at

Training via Web Conference

The ODL also offers individual and group training using the Zoom cloud-based conferencing platform. To schedule web conference training, contact the ODL at

 * For more information regarding certification, go to