Distance Learning Testing and Proctoring

Online exams are similar to corresponding exams in face-to-face (F2F) courses when it comes to content and duration. In hybrid courses, exams may be web-based, taken during one of the scheduled F2F meeting times, or proctored.

A proctored exam is administered by an individual who supervises students while they are taking an exam. The proctor’s function is to ensure the integrity and security of the exam in a secure testing environment.

Instructors choose whether or not to require a proctor for exams in their DL courses. They also determine which proctoring option will be used. If a proctor is required, it should be made clear in the syllabus. The syllabus should also outline any specific criteria that proctors are required to meet.

PVAMU offers 3 proctoring options. Students should consult with your instructor(s) before making proctoring arrangements! Proctoring fees are paid by the student. For more information about proctoring options, click the links below.

f2f_proctor          respondus-monitor-at-pvamu          proctoru-at-pvamu


Students in DL courses should read the syllabus before (if available) or at the very beginning of the term to find out if there is a proctoring requirement. This should be done in time to select or drop and then add another course if the proctoring requirement cannot be met. If the syllabus is not available prior to the start of the course or if it does not reference test proctoring, students should contact the instructor or the departmental office to inquire about test proctoring for that course.

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