Real Estate

Outright gifts of real estate are simply deeded to Prairie View A&M University and the donor generates an income tax deduction for the fair market value of the gift.

Prairie View A&M University, in partnership with the Texas A&M University System evaluates all potential gifts of real estate for marketability and potential environmental concerns.  As such, we ask that donors supply detailed information on the property before the university accepts the gift.

Gifts of Real Estate

Many donors make gifts of real estate as a way of generating significant tax benefits. Gifts of real estate can consist of almost any type of property: a personal or recreational residence, a farm or ranch, a commercial building, subdivision lots, timberland or any undeveloped parcel of land. The gift can be the entire property or a fractional interest in the property (50% percent, for example). Capital gains taxes can be avoided and the full market value of the real estate becomes deductible as a charitable contribution.


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