Why should I give?

Employees are the heart of our university. Every day, you make a difference at PVAMU by sharing your ideas, talents and abilities. Your participation in Faculty & Staff Campaign is just one more way that you can join together with your colleagues to show your support for the university. Also, the number of alumni, employees and friends supporting the university influences corporations and foundations that are considering major grants and gifts.

How much should I give?

Every gift, no matter the amount, is important to PVAMU’s future. Your participation in the campaign and belief in the people and programs at PVAMU is what this initiative is all about.
Can I specify where my gift goes?

Yes, you may designate your gift to support areas of PVAMU that are of interest to you.

  • Student Leadership Development
  • General University Scholarship Fund
  • Athletics
  • College/School/Dept
  • Sports Complex
  • Greatest Need of the University

Can I designate more than one area?

Yes, you may choose to give to the college/area where you work, designate any program across the university that matches your interests, or choose multiple programs to support. It is up to you.