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Sowells Scholarship Endowment

Mr. Donald Sowell and his wife Beatrice Sowell are the latest donors to the College of Business’ scholarship endowment.  In April 2012, the Sowells’ donated $10,000 to create a scholarship endowment and purchase iPads for students.  The scholarship endowment, the Bea Sowell Presidential Scholarship – Houston Chapter, The Links Inc., is the third scholarship endowment established by the couple at an HBCU.  Previous scholarships were given at their respective alma maters.  This scholarship was particularly important to them since they are both long-time residents of Prairie View, Texas and intimately involved with the university.

Mr. Sowell, a real estate developer and member of the PVAMU College of Business Dean’s Advisory Board, expressed an interest in donating to College of Business Dean Munir Quddus at a meeting in 2011.  Dr. Quddus often stresses the importance and significance of a strong business school endowment and praises board members’ for their support.  “I value their counsel, leadership and willingness to do what is needed to take us to the next level,” says the dean.  “I am grateful that even in this uncertain economy they continue to help our students reach their dream of obtaining a college degree.”  The Sowells’ is the fourth scholarship endowment started by an advisory board member.

Ginger Walker, sophomore finance major, was the delighted first recipient of an iPad for her outstanding report and review of Walter Isaacson’s book, Steve Jobs.  Business faculty and staff selected the book for the spring 2012 annual College of Business Book Reading Contest; a fitting and appropriate selection.  Mrs. Sowell attended the annual College of Business Awards and Recognition Ceremony in April to present the iPad to Ms. Walker and show her support of the College and its’ students.

Since 1984, twelve scholarship endowments have been established in the College of Business totaling nearly one million dollars; eleven endowments were created within the past ten years.  Endowment funds are invested with the income generated used as a sustained source of support for students.  In many instances, funds donated for scholarship endowments may be matched increasing the value of a donation and its impact on students.  The Bea Sowell Presidential Scholarship – Houston Chapter, The Links Inc. is open to undergraduate business students.


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