Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day

January 31, 2014

Last year, more than 120 educational institutions in the United States, including Prairie View A & M University, United Kingdom, Singapore, South Africa, Mexico and Australia organized events and activities on their campuses to enhance awareness about philanthropy and the principle behind giving back.  For the second year, PVAMU is asking its student to  share their gratitude to those who have made a significant impact to their college career; whether a scholarship opportunity, a professor who helped them choose a career, or an administrator who simply lent an ear.

On February 25, 2014 from 11:00-1:30, the Student Development Initiative will host a Sign-Off Day, were students can thank that special person by writing a short note of appreciation on the SEP Banner. The banner will  hang outside of Pardus Café on Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day, Thursday February 27, 2014 so faculty and staff can witness just how important they are to our students.

Prairie View A & M University relies on philanthropic support from alumni, faculty, staff, corporations and friends. Their support also creates a ripple effect that encourage students to give once they’ve graduated. Each and every graduating class Extends the Legacy this great institution was founded on.  Financial support funds scholarships, internships, research opportunities, campus improvements and much more.

“Having a conversation with an Alumni who gives through our Alumni Giving Campaign, give student callers a glimpse of the significant impact their support makes. Hearing their stories and bridging the gap allows them to have hands on experience with the fundamental meaning of philanthropy.  The opportunity to write thank you notes further illustrates that expressing gratitude is the most meaningful way students can thank our donors.” Felicia Lewis, Annual Fund Manager.

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Events at Prairie View A&M University:

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  2. February 5-7, 2014 : Love a Donor Thank You Day