Welcome to SECURE Center of Excellence

Dr. Cajetan M. Akujuobi

Welcome to SECURE (Systems to Enhance Cybersecurity for Universal Research Environment) Center of Excellence. Cybersecurity is linked in every aspect of society and impact every major system in our Nation. The underlying network infrastructure of financial, energy, transportation and healthcare all need secure communications.  To combat the cyber-attacks, it is necessary to study the attack tools and develop new models for various platforms. We promote research, education and complex problem-solvingin cybersecurity by addressing critical cyber-attacks in cyber-physical systems throughmultidisciplinary and integrative research initiative. We also welcome collaborations for finding smart solutions. Currently, SECURE collaborates with various industry partners, academic institutes, andcommunities.

There is a great need for cybersecurity experts/researchers nationwide. We are committed to building a cybersecurity well-trained workforce capable of implementing cutting-edge cybersecurity advancements in practice, knowledge, and policy. SECURE advances Prairie View A&M University with research and educational capability in cybersecurity as well as addresses an urgent national need to provide trained graduates in the cybersecurity to help the U.S. retain its technological competitiveness.

I invite you to peruse our website to learn more about the Center and its research activities.

Professor Cajetan M. Akujuobi, M.B.A., PhD.E.E., P.E.

Co-Executive Director, SECURE Center of Excellence