Faculty Spotlight

Dr.Louis Ngamassi

Lousi Ngamassi received his PhD. from the College of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State University. He is currently an assistant professor of Management Information Systems at Prairie View A&M University, College of Business. His research interest in the area of social informatics and social includes sub-areas such as development informatics and crisis informatics.

Fundamentally, he is interested in coordination and subordination among organizations, which help to provide humanitarian disaster relief, and development services. He seeks to understand how information systems can be better designed, developed, deployed and used for humanitarian disaster management and relief. Louis has been published in several referred Journals including journal of Information Technology, Journal of Information and people and VOLUNTAS. He has also presented his work at a variety of national and international conferences including AMCIS, ISCRAM, and DSI. Louis is a former fullbright scholar and a former United Nations Fullbright Fellow.

Current Research Project:

Louis and his collaborators are currently exploring the use of Information Technology for disaster management in the undeserved communities. Specifically, the study seeks to investigate and better understand how social media has been used to access, interpret and respond to official warning information during disasters such as Hurricane Harvey by people in the undeserved communities. These communities face a series of challenges when it comes to using Technology.


Dr.Louis Ngamassi