Policies and Procedures

CTE Policies and Equipment Checkout Procedure

  •  Equipment may be checked out by faculty or staff members ONLY.
  • All faculty and staff must sign a custody acknowledging full responsibility and financial liability for equipment checked out.
  • Faculty and staff must present valid faculty/staff identification upon request.
  • Equipment may be checked out for only 2 days at a time. If equipment is needed longer then allowed time, all equipment must be returned to the office and re-checked out for an additional 2 days.
  • A courtesy call will be made on the due date for the return of the equipment.
  • Equipment will not be checked out to a student. An assistant may pick up the equipment on behalf of the faculty/ staff member provided that he or she has signed the custody card and has made prior arrangements. A phone call is unacceptable. Valid identification of both the designated individual and the faculty staff member is required.
  • Equipment reservations request may be made up to 72 hours prior to the actual pickup date.
  • Equipment must be returned to center personnel only.
  • Equipment returned by the faculty/staff member shall be verified that it has been returned in working condition and all peripherals are neatly stored in the appropriate equipment case. A receipt of the return will be provided upon request.
  • All equipment is tested for operational effectiveness and all peripherals are verified upon check-in and check-out of the equipment.
  • Faculty/staff must notify CTE staff when equipment will be utilized off campus. Approval must be obtained from Accounting Services before equipment can be taken off campus.
  • All faculty/staff must bring their own paper to generate photocopies and must use a department code. If CTE staff is requested to make copies, a photocopy request form must be completed and sufficient amount of paper provided before the job can be performed.
  • Color photocopies are available at .82 cents per copy. An IDO payment must be made prior to initiation of print job
  • The Center for Teaching Excellence requires that all photocopying, laminating, binding, scanning, ParScore and all other service requests be completed 15 minutes prior to closing, to allow the processing of departmental administrative tasks.