Read House Bill 1550


(a) The Prairie View A&M University Center for 82-23   the Study and Prevention of Juvenile Crime and Delinquency shall 82-24   study the relationship of the juvenile justice system to special 82-25   categories of juveniles, including:82-26

  • (1) minorities;82-27
  • (2) female offenders; and 83-1
  • (3) sex offenders. 83-2

(b) The center shall cooperate with the Criminal Justice 83-3   Policy Council, the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission, and the 83-4   Texas Youth Commission in conducting those studies. 83-5

(c) The center shall report its findings and recommendations 83-6   to the lieutenant governor, the speaker of the house of 83-7   representatives, and the governor by December 1, 2002.